Bare Shoulders

bare shoulders

{ Merritt Charles Blouse | Frame Denim | Valentino Pumps | Gorjana Necklace | Chanel Bag }

There is something that is so subtly fun and whimsical about having an off the shoulder shirt.  Something about bare shoulders feels just a tad bit sexy without being too much, and has an element of freedom that a normal blouse just doesn’t have.  I fell in love with this washed silk top and have been dying to wear it in some way shape or form.  This week has been on the warmer side for winter, so it felt just right to wear this out with my new favorite pair of ripped skinnies, that seriously has the exact amount of rips I was looking for in an actual black (not faded washed black) pair.  I had to wear my go to fun studded pumps to finish off the look and add a bit of an edge to the look and I just may re-wear this look out and about this weekend as well because I love it that much.

This weekend is going to be a fun one!  I am planning on having dinner with some friends tonight, seeing a friend who is in town from LA tomorrow night, and going to another friends super bowl party on Sunday.  Other than that I will be attempting to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep.  Oh and I finally get my car back from the repair shop today!  Hooray.  It has been a long but productive week and I am so happy it’s Friday.  Have a fabulous weekend. xo

bare shouldersbare shouldersbare shouldersbare shouldersbare shoulders

{ Photography : Taylor Cole }


How to Wear Summer Dresses in the Winter

how to wear summer dresses in the winter


1. Dress | Scarf | Blazer

2. Dress | Sweater | Statement Necklace

3. Dress | Coat | Wispy Necklaces


If there is one thing I hate its having lonely pieces in my closet.  Obviously during the wintertime a certain amount of clothing is required to make it through the cold days.  That being said I love trying to incorporate my summery dresses into my winter rotation.  Not only does it make for a nice switch up in my outfits, but it also adds a fun element by getting double the wear and use out of items that would otherwise just sit in the back of my closet.  Being that I live in Southern California, this makes wearing lighter pieces a tad bit easier (hello 70 degree winter days) so clearly this depends on where you live, but I rounded up three of my favorite ways on how to wear summer dresses in the winter.  The first one being maxi dress related.  I love pairing a long dress with a gauzy scarf and blazer.  An added bonus is if I can mix and match patterns for a little more of an edgy look.  The second look is probably my favorite version on summer/winter dressing.  I am notorious for throwing a dress on day or night and a pullover sweater with a big necklace and being set for the entire day.  It is the best and coziest look and can be worn for anything.  Last but not least is a shorter summer dress.  I have this thing with lightweight and long coats and am obsessed with throwing them on over anything, rolling up the sleeves, and adding a slight glimmer of sparkle from a necklace.


Warm Rainy Days

Warm Rainy Days

{ Faux Fur Topper sold out, but almost identical here | Topshop Tee, almost identical here | Paige Denim, darker grey wash here | Converse | Chan Luu Necklace, old but similar and on sale here | Topshop Umbrella }

The other day was a strange one.  I was still getting back into the swing of things after being gone in Park City and trying to settle in at home and unpack.  I was styling a kids photoshoot for Mini & Maximus and needed to be comfortable because I knew I would be on my feet all day.  In addition to that, it was rather warm out and supposed to rain mid-afternoon so it was quite the odd combo.  I tend to prefer warm rainy days over cold ones, however it presented a wardrobe challenge.  I ended up settling in on a pair of grey denim, white tee, converse, and my favorite faux fur topper.  It was the ideal outfit for styling several kids, being on my feet for many hours, and managing to get through the rain all in one afternoon.

Warm Rainy DaysWarm Rainy DaysWarm Rainy DaysWarm Rainy Days

{Photography : Keri Wilson}


Covet of the Week

covet of the week

{ Images via Pinterest}

This week’s covet of the week is all about MATCHING SEPARATES.  At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this look and style when it originally started becoming popular, but the past few weeks I have been really inspired by these looks.  I love a great matchy matchy ensemble and especially like how versatile these looks can be.  I have had my eye on several different options and would wear any of them to baby or bridal showers, on vacation, or to a birthday or dinner party.  I mean how amazing are these pretty little separates on my inspiration board (I kind of want all of them)?  The options are endless, plus I love how separates make for a no brainer outfit for those days when I need an easy go to ensemble.  I also love how feminine these pieces look and can stand alone or be accessorized accordingly depending on the style and pattern.  I found four amazing outfits (below), all of which I am dying to get for different reasons.  Which one is your favorite?

Covet of the week


1. Top // Bottom

2. Top // Bottom

3. Top // Bottom

4. Top // Bottom





{ Zara Coat, old but almost identical here | Vince Sweater, similar here | Mcguire Jeans | Gloves | Sorel Boots, on sale currently | Forever 21 Headband | Chanel Bag }

This past week and weekend I was in one of my favorite snowy paradises, Park City.  It also happened to be Sundance as well, which was fun because the city had a bit of a bustle to it with several parties, films, and events going on.  I ended up skiing one half day while we were there and actually did pretty well! For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from a major fear of heights and get major anxiety on the ski lift.  Despite this fear, I had a blast going down green runs in Deer Valley and enjoyed afternoon breaks for apres ski at the St. Regis which has my all-time favorite cocktail, the grapefruit gimlet.  I also discovered a gorgeous igloo there that was so picture perfect, I obviously had to take photos of it, and drink champagne while exploring as well, which was a no brainer.  I ended up having a delicious lunch at the Montage one day and running into an old friend from college which just shows how small the world is!

Ok onto my outfit… Obviously it was freezing everyday so I kept warm with tons of layers and threw on one of my heaviest wool coats.  I also lived in my snow boots because I tend to be on the clumsy side, especially when ice is involved, so boots with traction are a must (and these are on sale now).  I also have this thing with cozy headbands when I go to snowy places, and love keeping my ears warm and toasty.  And it’s also my dad’s birthday today so I just wanted to wish him a very happy day. xx

Also, today is the last day of Piperlime‘s 25% off sale using the code MUSTHAVE.  Make sure and check out the new items in for Spring.  My personal favorites are these smoking slippers and this little patterned mini skirt.


{Photography : Lauren Jacobson}


Casual Friday

casual friday

{ Nation LTD Dress c/o | Mcguire Denim Shirt (on sale) c/o | Gorjana Lariat, sold out but similar here c/o | Nikes | Goyard Tote }

I am one of those people who loves to dress up almost daily.  It is so fun to pick out an outfit and decide who you want to be for that day.  The other day, I was exhausted from a crazy and hectic week and the last thing I could think about was getting dressed up.  I felt like I needed a casual Friday that was effortless and easy, so naturally I gravitated toward one of my favorite and most comfy dresses. It is the perfect piece for when you are on the go and I threw on one of my favorite denim shirts over it (which is on sale now for those of you lucky enough to snag it) for an added layer.  I also have been really into pairing tennis shoes with anything and everything and loved how these Nike’s looked with the rest of my ensemble.  I also like to stick to simple jewelry when I am in a casual mode, so this lariat is the perfect tiny hint of sparkle to finish off the look without being overkill.

Also, as I am looking at these photos I am currently freezing my buns off in Park City.  I will be here through the weekend and I am having so much fun in this snowy wonderland.  So far I have shopped a bit on Main St, gotten the most amazing massage, and had a few fantastic meals.  Today I am skiing a half day, then heading to the St. Regis and Montage for Apres ski and then a yummy dinner in town tonight.  The rest of the weekend I plan on exploring an igloo that was created at the St. Regis where you can drink champagne and hang out in an icy paradise.  I plan on taking lots of photos so you can see everything I am up to on instagram and Facebook (@modernensemble).  Happy Weekend. xx

casual fridaycasual fridaycasual fridaycasual fridaycasual fridaycasual friday

{ Photography : Taylor Cole }


How to Travel Stylishly

how to travel stylishly

{ Vince Sweater, on sale | Louis Vuitton Scarf, and similar one for less here | Avenue Montaigne Leggings | Tory Burch Boots, old but similar here | Chanel Bag }

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do.  I am the type of person that gets bored being home for too long so I always like to get away even if it’s just for a weekend. Yesterday I left for Park City because I have been craving a snowy trip and I am also excited to give my winter clothing wardrobe a workout and actually be able to wear layers. As I was packing I began thinking about how important it is to pack things that can be mixed and matched, especially on a trip where so many bigger pieces are required to pack.  How to travel smart and stylishly are two very important things and so easy to do with just a few easy steps.


1. Layer up.  I always pack several scarves, gloves, and hats.  By the simple switch up of a few accessory pieces, you can make simple outfits look totally different, even if you are rewearing the same pants, sweaters, boots, and jackets on the trip.

2. Pack the right shoes. I remember a few years ago when I brought a pair of leather boots that I intended to wear every night on my trip. I learned hard and fast that ice and slippery soles were not meant to be and never made that mistake again.  For a snowy trip, always bring a pair of boots meant for the snow (I love Sorels), a pair of nikes or some sort of tennis shoe, and a pair of boots/booties that can be worn strictly from car to dinner outings where not a lot of walking is required.

3. Pack basics. I always bring a few long sleeve shirts to wear underneath my sweaters and coat because I am always freezing.

4. Bring a versatile bag.  You really only need one purse on a trip that can get you by for day or night activities.  I like to bring a medium sized bag that can fit all of my daily essentials, yet still be chic enough to wear out to dinner at night.

5. Pack warm socks. My feet are always so cold, which means I either have bad circulation or I am cold blooded. Totally kidding, but socks are so important and I don’t mean thin little socks, I mean a thick pair that will actually keep your feet warm and cozy because no one will look good with frostbite.

6.  Bring two coats.  I know they are so annoying to bring because they are so bulky and big, but it’s something you will wear everyday and wearing one coat gets so boring and tiresome.  I like to bring one daytime coat and one for nighttime so at least you can feel refreshed by switching up your outerwear everyday.

As a side note, I wore this outfit above on the plane to PC.  These leggings are seriously the most comfortable things I have ever worn and the scarf is so long and cozy and doubles as a blanket on the plane.  Not pictured is the faux fur jacket I brought to keep cozy and if you have been following my instagram you most likely caught a glimpse of it from last night!  I love all of these pieces because I can rewear them on my trip and just switch up a few things here and there!



Menswear Jumpsuit

menswear jumpsuit

{ Jumpsuit | Theory Blazer, 60% off now | Alexander Wang Heels | Elizabeth & James Bucket Bag }

I have always loved the menswear inspired trend that has been going on for quite some time.  Something about it seems to catch my eye, perhaps because I tend to dress so feminine most of the time, and this masculine style feels so fun and different to me.  Either way, my mom and dad got me this menswear jumpsuit as a Christmas present and I have been waiting for the right time to wear it and finally did a few days ago.  I paired it with one of my favorite white blazers, that also happens to be on major sale for anyone lucky enough to snag it at 60% off!  I loved pairing this outfit with a girly pointy toe pump to soften the look and all together it made the perfect ensemble to grab a bite the other night.  I took a stroll on the boardwalk right before and it just so happened to be the golden hour, which is my absolute favorite time of day and the sweetest hour of beautiful light.

As a side note, I am leaving for Park City today and will be in Deer Valley for the next five days.  I plan on doing a little bit of skiing (I am not very good because I have a massive fear of heights) and also hitting the town to shop at one of my favorite boutiques “Flight.”  I cannot wait to be immersed in the snow and have already been planning my layered outfits for the trip.  Lots of dinners and fun nights out are also musts, especially since Sundance is still going on.  Needless to say, I plan on taking several cute photos while I am gone and cannot wait to share photos from my trip with you next week!

menswear jumpsuitmenswear jumpsuitmenswear jumpsuitmenswear jumpsuit

{ Photography : Taylor Cole }



Covet of the week

covet of the week

{Images via Pinterest}

This week’s covet of the week is all about RIPPED SKINNY JEANS.  Recently I realized that I was lacking a pair of black distressed denim in my life and began a major search for the perfect pair.  I knew I wanted them to have distressing at the knee area and possibly a little distressing around the pockets as well.  I was surprised at how difficult it actually was to find a pair in store anywhere I went.  I felt like sales girls looked at me like I was an alien and speaking gibberish.  Apparently this time of year is extremely hard to get a pair for whatever reason and so I sought out the perfect pair online and found them in this beautiful pair here.  They are currently en route to me and I cannot wait to wear them in an upcoming post shortly.  As usual I created my inspiration board of my favorite looks on how to wear distressed skinny’s and I am especially loving the dressed up version because it balances out the casual vibe of the rips.  I found six different pairs that are all fabulous styles and colors and gathered them below.  So if you are like me and in search of a perfect pair, look no further, because there are black, white, and blue all below. xoxo

covet of the week


{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 }




Blue Basalt


{ Chelsea 28 Pants | Astr Beaded Blouse | L.K Bennett Pumps, & similar pair for less here | Elizabeth & James Bucket Bag}

This past week I went into hermit mode because I had so many things on my mind and tons of things to get done so needless to say, I felt completely overwhelmed.  As much as I hate that feeling, I always feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Over the weekend, I resurfaced and went to a friends birthday party, a couple of fun dinners, and had a Sunday funday with two of my girlfriends.  We began thinking of all of the fun things we wanted to plan over the course of the next two months, and I have to say, I am excited for what lies ahead during what are normally the slower months.  Something else I have been excited over is wide leg pants.  I discovered this pretty little pair of blue basalt hued pants recently (and they are on sale now) and fell in love with how fun and different they were.  I don’t have a job where I have to dress a certain way so it is fun to switch up the normal jeans or legging ensemble with a pleated pair of pants.  It felt refreshing to wear such a fun color in January, especially since our weather patterns have been hovering around the 70 degree mark daily.  I paired mine with a simple blouse with pretty cuffed beaded details and black pumps for an easy breezy outfit last week.


{Photography : Taylor Cole}