Fun & Flirty Boudoir Shoot

fun and flirty boudoir shoot

I have always thought of boudoir photos as something that involved girls looking cheesy and trying to be too sexy, and not like themselves in photos.  Recently, my opinion of them totally changed when a local fabulous photographer in Orange County, Chloe Atnip, asked me if I would be interested in shooting a few boudoir images with her.  I immediately said yes and thought it would be a great experience to do a fun and flirty boudoir shoot and share how to do one like this that involves great photos, without the cheesiness of overly sexy images.  We shot these right after I chopped my hair into a lob in July, so my hair is a tad shorter than normal.  When thinking of the different looks for boudoir, I love the idea of bralettes, slips, men’s shirts, and silky robes as a way to be feminine in photos without being overly revealing.  These accessories to me are the perfect way to get great looks that would make the ideal wedding day gift for a spouse, or even a surprise holiday gift for someone special.

This weekend I am excited to relax and have absolutely nothing planned other than a girls dinner out on Saturday night.  I have been craving a good movie and popcorn session as well, so that may have to be worked into my weekend plans of relaxation in addition to my routine of watching my favorite shows.  If the weather actually cools off a bit, I may try and squeeze in a hike on my favorite trail in Newport Coast as well.  I hope you all have a great weekend. xo

fun and flirty boudoir shootfun and flirty boudoir shootfun and flirty boudoir shoot


{Photography : Chloe Atnip & Makeup/Hair by : Jessica Rousseau}


Fall Fashion Must Haves

fall fashion must haves


1. Pastel Coat 

2. Neutral Knit 

3. Fringe Dress

4. Plaid/Cape

5. V-Neck, on sale

6. Crisp White Button Down

7. Leather Heeled Booties

8. Flare Denim

9. Flat Suede Booties

10. Shearling Vest, sold out but love this one here

11. Mules

12. Pleated Midi Skirt

Despite it being close to 100 degrees in Southern California the past few days, I am still looking forward to fall weather, and can’t wait for the following week to get here because it is supposed to cool down substantially (hooray)!  I am already ready to break out my fall wardrobe and thought I would share my fall fashion must haves for my favorite season of the year.  I am a firm believer in adding necessities  and a few new trends to a closet on a seasonal basis, and then every now and again throughout the season, adding in something here and there to fill in any holes I find.  That being said, this fall is all about pastel coats, fringe details, capes, plaid, white button downs, flare denim, shearling, pleats, and anything leather or suede related.  I rounded up my top twelve favorite pieces, most are under $200 , that will get any girl through the next few months of layering bliss.  I personally look forward to all of the upcoming holidays (and parties), as well as the crisp chill in the air, ski trips, hot cocoa, and crackling fires at night.  I have already picked up almost everything off of this list and have about two more items to go on my checklist.  Next week I will be posting my fall accessories must haves so make sure to check that out as well! What are some of your favorite things/trends about fall?  I would love to hear! x


NYFW Look #2

NYFW Look #2

{Asos Leather Skirt (total steal) | Helmut Lang V-Neck Tee, similar | Celine Sunglasses, similar | Chanel Flats, similar | Goyard Tote}

One of my favorite things about the weather cooling down is the fact that I get to incorporate leather pieces into my wardrobe.  One of my most loved looks is a leather mini skirt and a chunky sweater with booties, because I love the mix of textures.   The first few days of NYFW were unfortunately a little too warm to break out my knits, however I managed to wear my new favorite leather mini skirt and paired it with my classic staple black v-neck tee and a comfy pair of quilted flats, and I was golden for running around the city and attending shows.  My little confession is that I did bring a pair of heels (note the large tote hiding them) so that I could stealthily switch into them later in the day for a video I was shooting (more to come on that soon).  I seriously cannot get enough of this skirt though, and I ended up wearing it multiple times on my trip, as well as the other night in Newport Beach to a birthday dinner.  I am eagerly awaiting actual fall weather so that I can layer all of the fun pieces I want to wear in my closet!

NYFW Look #2

{Tiny Diamond Necklaces | Wedding Band | Index Ring, similar}

NYFW Look #2NYFW Look #2NYFW Look #2NYFW Look #2

{Photography : Huy Dang}


Covet of the Week – Skin Regimens

Skin Regimens

{G.M. Collin Hydramucine Optimal Cream c/o}

Now that I am just a few weeks shy of my 30th bday, I have begun to ponder the world of skincare even more than my normal neurotic self. I feel like my 20’s were the safe zone of “I am still super young so my skin can handle anything and bounce back” phase. Now that I am approaching a new decade, I am more aware of the importance of skin regimens, and taking care of my face, considering I only have one! That being said, I discovered an amazing Hydramucine Optimal Cream that is meant to restore skin to the optimal hydration state. After using this cream just a few times, my skin already feels more supple and moisturized.   I have been using it just twice a day in the morning and at night, and the results have been incredible. It is the little things like adding one simple item to my usual regimen that can make all of the difference in my skin.  I am so happy I discovered this product right before the cooler temperatures arrive so that I can make sure my skin stays hydrated all fall and winter season long.

Also, as an added bonus, if you use the code 20AA on, you will get 20% off of your order!

Skin RegimensSkin RegimensSkin RegimensSkin Regimens

G.M. Collin Hydramucine Optimal Cream


NYFW Look #1

NYFW Look #1

{Topshop Blouse, and similar one here | Opening Ceremony Skirt, similar here | Rag & Bone Booties | Chanel Bag | Celine Sunglasses, similar here | Gorjana Lariat | Gorjana Bracelet | Gorjana Ring to Wrist Bracelet | Gorjana Midi and Regular Ring}

Last week was a whirlwind getting back from NYFW and getting caught up on life, blog posts, and everything in between.  Once I arrived in NYC I realized that considering I had only had four minutes to pack before my trip, I had not packed enough clothes for the week.  Of course normally I would have totally freaked out from something like this, but I realized that this was just a built in excuse to do a little bit of shopping while in town.  I managed to find the perfect NYFW Look #1 and ideal fall outfit, while still being weather appropriate in the humidity.  It was great for running around town and attending a show in, while also being perfect for a lunch meeting and even carried me through the night to dinner at ABC Kitchen (my fave) with a girlfriend.  I have already worn the top three times since I got it and this wool skirt will be a total staple in my closet for the fall and upcoming winter season!  I can’t wait to wear tights and boots with it when there’s a chill in the air.  Until then, it is perfect to wear with bare legs and my favorite pair of heeled booties.

NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1NYFW Look #1

{Photography : Huy Dang}


An Oldie But A Goodie

an oldie but a goodie

{French Connection Dress, old but similar and on SALE here & here | Fendi Wedges | Chanel Bag}

The other day I was thinking about the saying “an oldie but a goodie.”  When I think of this phrase, I tend to think of photos of things from the past reminding me of fun memories, and also articles of clothing that may not be new, but rather special pieces in my closet that I haven’t parted with during my bi-yearly closet edits.  This crocheted dress has been in my closet for about four years and somehow I never tire of it.  It is one of those pieces that can be worn for anything whether that be vacation, lunch, or  even out on a warm night with a wedge (these are by far my favorites) or heel.  I found this dress in the back of my closet back in July, and since then have brought it with me to Vegas, Cabo, and worn it several other times the past few weeks as an easy throw on.  With at least a few weeks left of warm weather, I intend to rotate this through at least a handful more of times before retiring it until next spring.

an oldie but a goodiean oldie but a goodiean oldie but a goodiean oldie but a goodie

{Photography : Taylor Cole}


All About Beauty



all about beautyall about beauty


{Lipstick | Brush | Lip Conditioner | Gypsy Water | Concealer Brush | Hair Treatment}

Today is my first day back from fashion week and I am happy to be settling into a groove, but already missing NYC and the hustle and bustle of busy days. I am in definite need of a facial and a few other things to get my skin back to normal after all of the flying I have been doing the past few weeks, not to mention the weather changes. I started thinking all about beauty and all of the products I need to start off the fall season with and topping my list is a new darker shade of lipstick, a good scent for fall, a moisturizer for my lips when the cool dry weather comes, a fantastic hairbrush to go along with a serious conditioning treatment for my dried out ends, and the most perfect concealer brush to go along with my absolute new favorite concealer, YSL’s éclat lumiere.  Oh and did I mention I stumbled upon Barney’s Beauty Event that happens to be going on now as well?  It is perfectly timed for all of my fall beauty needs.  I can’t wait to see what my complimentary cosmetics bag is filled with! What products are you loving right now?



Slouchy Yet Polished

Slouchy Yet Polished

{Helmut Lang Sleeveless Blouse, on SALE | Mcguire Boyfriend Jeans, similar wash | J.Crew Belt, similar | Zara Heels, similar | J.Crew Clutch, similar}

I love a great slouchy yet polished look. Something about a simple sleeveless blouse and faded pair of boyfriend jeans really appeals to me because it can be casual or dressy with a simple strappy heel and worn for any occasion. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and it was one of those days that was really overcast but still very warm, which was perfect for a lightweight slightly sheer sleeveless top (which is on sale now!). The entire day I felt put together and even into the night I was perfectly dressed for a mellow evening out. 

As a side note, I’m flying home from NYC today which has been my home away from home the past 6 days and although I have had the best time attending all of the shows and several meetings, I have to say, I am excited to go home! I’m already looking forward to a relaxing weekend, even though it’s only midweek.  Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! X

Slouchy Yet PolishedSlouchy Yet PolishedSlouchy Yet PolishedSlouchy Yet PolishedSlouchy Yet Polished

{Photography : Taylor Cole}


Covet of the Week – NYFW Necessities

NYFW Necessities

{Goyard Large Tote, similar | Moroccan Oil Hairbrush | Business Cards | Smart Water | Aleve | Joie Slides | Bandaids | Airborne | YSL Touche Eclat | Apple Iphone Charger | Lotion | Louis Vuitton Wallet | Multiple pairs of sunnies, Celine & Karen Walker}

I know I mentioned last week that I would be at New York Fashion Week this entire week, but it has surprisingly been a whirlwind and I cannot believe I am leaving tomorrow!  I have been here since last Thursday, and been bouncing around from show to show and multiple meetings, generally with little time to myself!  That being said, I realized I needed to have a collection of NYFW necessities to get me through each and every day to make sure I survived, and also I have usually been leaving my place early in the morning and not coming back to my room until after dinner.  Basically my outfit, makeup, and hair has needed to last me about 12-16 hours!  Crazy right?  Well, I have accumulated every last thing a girl could possibly need when on the go during this week.  First off, I have discovered it is impossible to wear heels all day long when running around and standing on your feet all day.  My solution has been to carry my comfiest slides with me to switch on when I have tiny bits of down time to rest my feet!  I also carry bandaids for this very reason because my feet definitely have taken a beating after the past few days.  I have also been living on Airborne and Aleve which are major necessities for keeping healthy and headache free.  I always like to carry lotion with me in the city because my skin tends to try out by the end of the day and nothing is worse then ashy skin!  Something I never realized was so important to have on hand is a phone charger.  My phone has died almost every day and without my trusty charger by my side, I would be a lost phone less girl in the city.  A few other major needs are a large bottle of water to stay hydrated, concealer which has become my new bff to hide my dark sleep deprived circles, and multiple pairs of sunglasses to switch up my daily look.  I also always like having business cards on me, not to mention a hairbrush to tame my mane after a long day, as well as my wallet that holds absolutely everything inside, so I couldn’t possibly need another thing for the day!  These NYFW necessities have literally saved my life and I am definitely taking notes for next February when I am back at it again.

photo 2photo 3



Grey Vibes

grey vibes

{Helmut Lang Blouse, similar | Club Monaco Skirt, similar and on sale | Lace Cami, similar | Chanel Flats, similar | Goyard Tote}

One of my favorite non colors is grey.  I love the softness of the perfect shade of a pale grey.  Something about it makes me gravitate toward it whenever I am shopping.  When I originally found this grey top last year, I already knew it would be a major staple for me.  After countless times of wearing it, and enjoying the slouchy way that it lays, I have to say I never tire of it.  Since it has still been summer weather, yet we are in pre-fall attire, I have been trying to incorporate leather pieces and darker shades into my closet while not making myself have heat stroke from over warmth.  This blouse paired perfectly with a perforated leatherette skirt that I have, a pair of ballet flats, and my go to tote, and my grey vibes were ready to take on another warm day.

grey vibesgrey vibesgrey vibesgrey vibesgrey vibes

{Photography : Taylor Cole}