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A few of my favorite things in life are well wrapped gifts, interesting and sometimes funny cards, and a good bottle of wine.  There is something so much more enticing about receiving a gift that is wrapped in a chic way rather than in a thrown together mess.  Obviously it takes more thought and planning but when done right is so much more worth it.  I love giving bottles of wine as gifts, so when I discovered Bottle Stock, it was the perfect marriage of wrappings, water color tags, tie-dyed coasters, and cheeky cards.  I always like to have cards and wrappings on hand in case I need a last minute gift, so these are absolutely perfect, and give any bottle of wine a fashionable look.  A few other fun things I found perusing the site were the tie dyed cocktail napkins and coasters for the home, and the “Wines I Want to Remember” book, which is something I absolutely need and love that it is perfectly sized for my purse so I can carry it with me everywhere.

Top Left to Right : { Wrappings I | Cocktail Napkins | Booklet }

Bottom Left to Right : { Leather Coasters | Card | Wrappings II }



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