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If I had to pick a favorite time of year, I think it would be impossible because I love every few months when we shift into a new season. As someone who gets sick of things easily, I think three months of a season is plenty and then I am ready to move on. I am definitely more of a spring and summer gal though, sorry fall and winter. That being said, we are officially in full-blown spring mode and I couldn’t be happier to welcome a warmer season (goodbye rain and snow). I thought winter would never end and I have been looking forward to warm weather for what feels like forever! I went to Park City last weekend and after that trip, I have officially hung up my sweaters and jackets and swapped them for lighter layers like statement earrings, off the shoulder blouses, denim mini skirts, and neck scarves.

Speaking of some of my favorite lighter accessories, I have teamed up with Express to talk about some of my favorite ways to layer. I love a great pair of earrings because they add a little something special to an outfit, while also giving me the best excuse to wear my hair in an easy messy ponytail. I fell in love with these light pink fringe earrings from Express the second I laid eyes on them because they can easily be worn day or night and look especially amazing with an off the shoulder blouse because it allows the earrings to do the talking.

I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, so I typically like to wear one or two items at a time so that they don’t overwhelm an outfit. One of my favorite things about Express is that they have so many great accessories to choose from and at great price points. Also my entire outfit is around $100 and a total steal.

I think this off the shoulder striped blouse and denim mini skirt make the perfect spring look, especially when paired with this neck scarf turned purse accessory and a great pair of statement earrings. I love a good neck scarf as well because it essentially replaces a necklace when worn around the neck and it is a great way to add a pop of color or print to a look. I wore my neck scarf on my bag instead because I thought it would take away from the earrings if I wore it around my neck. I think it is ideal when accessories are versatile because wearing them in a different way makes them feel brand new and I love that.

{ Photos : Tyler Chase }

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