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How to Juggle Blogging & a Full Time Job

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I am not going to lie, working full time and blogging is not the easiest to do.  Some evenings when I get home, I want to just relax and watch tv, but that rarely actually happens.  I work full time as an interior designer which I LOVE.  It is so inspiring daily to look at fresh ideas for client’s homes and I get to work with one of my good friends which is a major bonus.  That being said, I also blog full time as well which is my passion job, so how does that work when I am at an office every day Monday-Friday?  Well… I have established a few rules for myself in order to get everything done and thought I would share them with you!  So far they have worked well for me and I hope they can help inspire you too!

  1.  Shoot 3-4 looks on one designated day a week.  I usually shoot in the morning before work.  That way I am feeling fresh and clear headed before my day begins.
  2. Keep an organized editorial calendar.  This seriously helps me so much.  If I don’t have it on my calendar, I won’t remember it.  I write down every post that I want to do for what day, especially if I have commitments with brands for specific days.
  3. Work on the blog every day.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t do something for Modern Ensemble.  I generally work on it at night and will dedicate 2-3 hours per night to work on content, editing photos, and come up with fresh ideas for posts.
  4. Respond to emails within 24 hours.  I made this rule for myself and it honestly is a must.  For my daytime job, I respond to emails immediately, so why wouldn’t I for my blog?  I treat my blog as a business and it is way more professional to respond back to emails immediately rather than wait days on end.
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